About Me

My well was running dry.


I am a Nature and Forest Therapy - Forest Bathing - Bodyful Experience GUIDE.  All of these titles give a taste of what the practice encompasses but it is truly an experience that is unique every time.


I am trained through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy with Wilderness First Aid Training and Basic First Aid certifications. 


With a background in Theology and 20 + years working with children it was obvious to jump into forest bathing…..insert sarcasm.


This practice came to me when my well was dry.  I am a mother of three kids, 14, 9, and 7.  We live on the corner of a busy street in Montréal-West and I have been running a home daycare for 12 years.


As a parent you try to give it your all.  As an entrepreneur you do the same.  By the beginning of the Covid apocalypse in March 2020 I was tired.  Emotionally, physically, spiritually.  I was just exhausted.  


The quiet months crept by...stores were closed and activities were cancelled.  Life around me slowed down a bit.  It was nice.  Not the suffering and death that other people were experiencing but the simplicity of life.  Only my husband could go to the grocery store.  My kids were home...no lunches, activities to run to, hours of homework.  The well filled enough to give me perspective.


In September 2020 I decided to make health changes.  Although I do not identify as someone who had a “drinking problem” when the only thing you’re looking forward to on the weekend is that bottle of wine….that’s not-not a problem.  So I said goodbye to my love affair with wine and craft beers.


My well filled up a bit more.


With all these new early mornings on Saturday and Sunday. I was spending more and more time hiking with our dog in the woods.  I felt good.


My training began.  Guiding is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience I have ever had.  It has offered me the opportunity to meet people from around the world in a time when we are stuck at home.  It has opened my mind, body, and soul to a new path and a new purposeless purpose!  Forest Bathing has changed my life.


And now I’m living a new one.