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What is Forest Bathing - Nature Bathing - Nature and Forest Therapy - Whatever you want to call it????

Guided Bodyful Nature and Forest Immersion can be done from your apartment window
There are no limitations to this experience

What is This Thing?T.Michelle
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Below is a free guided bodyful nature immersion.  There are no right or wrong ways at arriving at an invitation......there are no right or wrong places to practice this connection.  I encourage you to share your experiences with me privately, on Facebook, or Instagram!  Enjoy.
FREE Forest Bodyful Immersion

Tea Ceremony
Final Sharing

Thank you for being part of my recorded guided walk.  I really hope you took the time for each invitation and that you had the opportunity to arrive at each invitation however your surroundings supported you.  Remember there is no right or wrong way to show up to an invitation!!

During the tea ceremony and final sharing the first cup of tea goes to the land, area, forest, couch, window that allowed you to participate in the experience.  We offer the first glass or sip and thank it for providing a safe and open space.

Wild raspberries picked during the recorded walk along with some greens that stuck to my shoes and some pinecone pieces that the chipmunks had been munching on for our tea ceremony.

It seemed that the more than human world really supported us during the walk!!

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