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Who Needs EcoNIDRA™ in their lives?

Short answer...everyone.

Our lives are full of lists, schedules, demands, headaches, places to be, kids to drop off, work to do. 

Dishes to put away.  It goes on and on.

Our bodies are in a constant state of stress. 

Our cortisol levels are through the roof!  Our parasympathetic nervous systems need to reset.  NOW!

EcoNIDRA™ can be done from the comfort of your bed, the couch, anywhere where you can schedule in 35-50 minutes to allow your body the time to relax.  

As someone who is not into meditation this practice has helped change my life.  You are guided on a journey through your senses, your body, and reconnect to the earth.  

During this deep relaxation your body has time to reset, blood pressure, digestion, blood sugar can be allowed to stabilize.  Stress levels are reduced.  

Al you need to do is be in a comfortable undisturbed place and listen!

Sessions are offered weekly.  First time?  Contact us to try a session for free and to schedule your reconnection. 

Eventbrite bookings no longer available due to technical issues.

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